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Daily Report of China Onshore RMB Bond Market 2018-04-08

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原标题:Daily Report of China Onshore RMB Bond Market 2018-04-08

Bond Market Performance

ChinaBond Index Trend Analysis

ChinaBond Composite Index tracking general performance of bond market went up today. The net price index excluding interest revenue rose by 0.0724%; and the total return index including interest reinvested revenue rose by 0.1154%. In addition, the Cap-weighted YTM was 4.4465%. And the Cap-weighted duration was 3.6428.

Sovereign Bonds

Generally speaking, the Sovereign Bonds market yields went down today, especially for the mid-to-long-term bonds. To be more specific, the yield of SKY_3M was stable at 2.86%; and the yield of SKY_10Y dropped by 2BP to 3.7% due to the quotation and transaction of 180004.

Corporate Bonds

It is a light trading market today for Corporate Bonds and the yields were stable.

Further information about fluctuations of bond market yields please refer to the “Changes of The Key-Term YTM of Main Yield Curves” chart.


Data and Statistics

PBOC: Today the Central Bank conducted the reverse repurchase of 10 billion Yuan. There was no reverse repurchase due today.

Money Market: Money-market rates slightly declined today. The overnight Shibor decreased by 2.3BP to 2.4460%, and 3M Shibor went down by 3.2BP to 4.2781%.




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